October 15, 2022–February 19, 2023: Exhibition at The Morgan (New York)

From October 15, 2022 through February 19, 2023, The Morgan Library & Museum in New York is hosting an exhibition about Enheduana’s life and literature, and more broadly about the world of women in ancient Iraq during the third millennium BCE. Find more information at The Morgan’s website, where you can also access a virtual tour of the exhibit.

September 10–11, 2022: Performance at Thorvaldsens Museum (Denmark)

Three artists—Danica Curcic, Samina Bazai, and Stine Grøn—are staging an experimental musical performance of the Exaltation of Inana, based on the Danish translation by Sophus Helle, at the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The performance, which is organized in connection with the Golden Days festival, will take place on September 10–11, 2022.